We help to communicate scientific ideas effectively.

Editnstat, a team of experts in various faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Science & Research methodology can be your one stop solution for all hurdles and issues in scientific publishing. Increasing interest in publishing articles is observed amongst researchers and medical professionals presently.

The primary objective of Editnstat is to provide professional services of high standard in English language editing and Statistical analysis of data, to anyone who attempts to scientifically publish research projects / dissertations / books / grant proposals / technical documents etc. We specialize in preparing documents for publication in international journals.

Submit your work with us About
Submit your work with us About


Contact Us Today if
  • You are a beginner in scientific writing and lack confidence in publishing in high impact factor journals
  • English is not your strength and grammar/ punctuations/ spellings confuse you
  • You are intimidated by p values, chi square, regression modeling etc
  • You have keeps of your study data to be analysed and nearing thesis/ project submission deadlines
  • You are wondering how to convert your novel idea into a scientifically sound research study/ proposal